Exercise trends come and go, but 2021 brings a different twist coming out of a pandemic. Those who have spent weeks in isolation or whose jobs have gone from in-person to virtual or remote have left profound impacts in the field of health and fitness. Those impacts have influenced the exercise trends of 2021 as well as the way that people work out.  Here are some popular fitness trends of 2021:

  1. Online Fitness. 2021 is still going strong in the trend of online fitness. Fitness and nutrition schools have added online programs to accommodate the growth of online fitness and to make it convenient for trainers to get their certification and certificates as well. Online fitness programs make it easy to obtain new personal trainer tips and support to help you reach your personal fitness goals.
  2. Body Weight Exercises. Body weight exercises are weight training programs that use your own body weight as the resistance. A benefit of body weight exercises are you can do them from anywhere and you always have what you need without having to lug around extra equipment. Popular body weight exercises include lunges, squats, plank holds, push-ups, and plyometric movements.
  3. Yoga and meditation have increased in popularity this year as many people who are overwhelmed with stress have looked for a more holistic way of handling their daily stress. Some individuals will do exercises with a yoga ball to help get into deeper poses and stretches.  Focusing on the now helps to calm the mind and body. Focusing on breathing helps lower the heart rate and decrease stress which is beneficial for those who experience chronic stress or anxiety.
  4. Outdoor Fitness. With so many individuals in quarantine over 2020 and 2021, being able to go back outdoors to resume fitness has been a breath of fresh air. Others have used the new remote work situation as an opportunity to squeeze in some fitness time outdoors to step away from their home office. Turn on your health coach mobile app and go for a walk, jog, run, bike, or rollerblade around the neighborhood or favorite park.
  5. Chair exercises. Expert chair workouts have been popular this year with so many individuals working from home or stuck in a small office for long periods of time. Chair exercises are simple movements you can perform seated that help improve circulation and focus while working at a computer. Say goodbye to chronic aches and pains with chair exercises that help improve posture as well.